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Conflicted - Survival Card Game

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Howdy All,

Someone mentioned the "Conflicted" survival card game elsewhere on the Forum. I am waiting to receive my set of cards. But other may want to find the website so I would like to post the link here:

This seems like the most interesting scenario presentation format I am aware of. I look forward to the arrival of the cards.



Jerry D Young:
I have a deck, and have given a couple of decks away. You get some very interesting answers from those questions sometimes. Things you might not expect from a given individual. Well worth the money. I'll be glad when the next set comes out.

Just my opinion.

Thanks Jerry.

I am still waiting for my set to arrive, but now you tell me they are making a new deck. This is getting better and better.



above all, adapt:
Same here
Im going to buy all the sets they are very thought provoking and fun to play

I got my set.  Fun to play and gives one a lot to consider.


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