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Sept Temps and Weather
« on: September 15, 2013, 01:38:41 PM »
So it is the middle of September the Temps are falling, the rain is falling now is cold.

Time to switch over to the Winter BOB or add and remove items from your kit to deal with the changing temps and weather conditions. Might not be a bad thing to do on a Sunday afternoon instead of watching TV.

I also carry alcohol stoves and fuel so that I can heat up coffee/tea/soup to keep you warm should you get wet and cold.
Look over the symptoms for Hypo & Hyperthermia. Fall is a time when either may afflict you oddly enough. 

Some additional items to think of adding in;
emergency tarp
emergency blankets or tube shelters
emergency paracord
winter BOB;
 extra thick socks
extra long johns, pants, shirt/t-shirt, fleece, toque mits and gloves
sleeping bags or emergency blankets to help you get through the night.
spare folding locking blade,
all items dedicated to the vehicle never leaves the vehicle unless in time of emergencies.

These are just some reminders for you to think on and carry.