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They Are Trying to Shut Down Canada's Largest Private



Ok we all need to take a step back get all the facts and realize that there are two sides to every story. As we are all preppers it is easy to jump in and say there we go again the PTB moving in to shut down a private bunker. At the same time knowing full well that the PTB have a plethora of their own "secret" bunkers. Easy to take that approach but there are two sides to every story. While we maybe do not all share Bruce's somewhat apocalyptic view of the future we all admire his vision and his relentless efforts to keep the Ark 2 "afloat". Bruce is not just looking at surviving an apocalypse but is looking far beyond to rebuilding society.

Back in 1980 when Bruce built Ark 2 it was undoubtedly compliant with the building code at the time and likely in accordance with existing municipal laws. Otherwise it would have been shut down and never allowed to be completed. At that time it was new and its systems were functioning. This is 35 years later and time has not been kind. For those of you who know the bunker lets just say it needs work, a lot of work. For any prepper that supports Bruce and his efforts a wise approach would be to chip in, time, effort or even cash to get Ark 2 fully functional and compliant rather than jumping on the bandwagon and saying look at the nasty PTB.

Last year we held Ontario Preparedness 2014, the Ontario Annual prepper meet at the Ark. Yes there was a tour of the ark for those who wanted to participate and everyone signed a waiver. This year a rather unscrupulous individual who involved himself in last years meet decide to make a preemptive strike using last years Provincial meet as a guise to run his own meet at the same location. Seeking fame and fortune this individual, whom I do regard as a prepper, advertised the fact to the media. After all he had nothing to loose it wasn't costing him anything and he would not have to face the consequences. Ark 2 as a private bunker even after an episode of doomsday preppers remained just that, private. Now add in all the hype and the much advertised tours to public and we have a problem. In case of an accident or an emergency, ambulance, fire, and even police may have to attend. To these guys who work to protect us every hour of every day safety and safety of their own personnel is fist, foremost and absolute.

Therein lies the problem and that is why they wanted to weld it shut to prevent the tours. For the safety f the public and their personnel not some third world order plot. With Ark 2 the genie was never in the bottle but with this latest flurry of media attention the genie is not just out but running rampant and it will be Bruce who will have to deal with the fallout and the consequences long after the prepper meet is long forgotten.


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