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SAFE Ark Two Newsletter - May 10, 2015
« on: May 11, 2015, 05:28:31 PM »
SAFE Ark Two Newsletter
May 10, 2015

Patrick Michael Jocelyn-Holt
SAFE Director
Greetings from Minnesota. Friday, marked another milestone in my life, one of many graduation ceremonies over the years. This one was a long time coming, and I have decided to pursue a masters in organizational leadership, and then law school (perhaps that is, depending on whether Bruce’s predictions prove accurate).
Okay, so back to our lesson/s. To date, I have told you about the formation of TRIADS, how to create them and the need for them NOW. Hopefully you are taking action to create them. Last week I introduced you to the LERN system. This week will begin a more in depth analysis of them, specifically this week I will teach you how to create them.
Okay, things have fallen apart. There are no primary services, there is no electricity, people are suffering and starting to take on a shell shocked look. The group that you are part of has grown to 50 or more people. What do you do? You call a meeting.
In this meeting you will hold your first elections. Anyone who is 15 years or older may vote in this election. Why age 15? Because the younger people who can work will be perhaps of the most benefit and should have a say in their potential future…and truthfully we coddle our young in this country far beyond what we need to. In this particular scenario we can no longer have the luxury of artificially extending childhood, the children will have to grow up overnight (and they will).
Okay our meeting has started.
Everyone is handed a piece of paper with five slots on it. At this point the meeting will come to order and everyone will get in a large circle and introductions will be made. Not only will you introduce yourself, but you will also state your background and what particular skill sets you possess that may help the LERN.
As you listen to the introductions you will also begin filling in the five slots on the paper you were given at the beginning of the meeting. In the slots you will place the names of those who you feel will best serve as the first leaders of the LERN. Once elected they will form the first council and thereafter be referred to as the LERNed.
Once all have introduced themselves and everybody has had an opportunity to make their five selections, the group will choose three “tellers” who will collect and tabulate the votes. As each card is read, as new names are proposed their names will be added to the list, should a name get more than one vote, it will get additional check marks. At the end of the first ballot round, any individuals who have received votes by over fifty percent of those present, will have been elected and additional ballot rounds will be conducted for the remaining slots until five people have been elected.These five will then be the first first elected council of LERNed.
The LERN is now ready to function and we will pick this thread up next week with the next edition on this subject.
Until then, stay SAFE! Patrick

News Analysis
by Bruce
Economic Expectations
Of late, in every newsletter, I continue to repeat the refrain that there is no news, just more of the same from the previous week.
1. More talk with Iran
2. More Saudi actions in Yemen with deaths on both sides
3. More Islamic State action in Iraq and Africa
4. More confrontation in Ukraine between Nazi groups and Russian supported groups etc., etc., etc., from around the world - in Mexico, China/Japan, Afghan/India, you name it - more of the same everywhere.
In the US also.  More statistics of more people slipping below the poverty line. More black and white police confrontation - with fatalities on the white police side slowly mounting -
but the black fatalities far outnumbering them as always.
It is all like the sands through the hour glass - every minute more of the same - but it is all mounting up - towards the climax.
My timetable has called for a major conomic/financial/monetary event within this coming week. The sands from all the previous weeks are there - but it needs a trigger.  I don't have any idea what the trigger will be - or when - but there follows someone else's essay about triggers.
There are many others that know much more about this subject - than myself, but at least this shows that there are others who have the same concerns/expectations as myself.
Here is the source, and the following is my abstraction:
The big story regarding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was the application by the Israelis. This came just prior to the deadline and of course at the displeasure once again to Washington. Britain was the early defector followed by Germany, France and Italy. Eyebrows were raised when Saudi Arabia made their announcement but I believe what was truly missed was the application by Taiwan.
If you are old enough to remember, Taiwan was "recognized China" in the eyes of the U.S.. Mainland China was "Red" China and not officially recognized by the U.S., the application by Taiwan slipped by with little to no comment.
Why is the AIIB such a big deal? ... Not only has the bank attracted the Asian countries one would expect, it has attracted many Western countries and even those closest to the U.S.. Going one step further, ALL of these applications came against U.S. lobbying and were followed by public
rebukes from Washington. This was the first instance where the world collectively (including long time U.S. allies) has expressly denied Washington's wishes.
The AIIB is only one piece to the puzzle. Another is the clearing system set to directly compete with SWIFT. Yet another is the BRICS bank, and let's not forget the Shanghai physical metals exchange set to go live shortly. China, Russia and the rest of the world could see what is coming but they have not been ready for it...yet. Each one of these pieces amounts to preparation ... to buffer the East (and rest of the world) from the financial collapse of the West.
The clearing system for instance will allow and aid trade to continue between nations should the Western financial system close because of insolvencies or bankruptcies. Call it contingency planning and they know what the contingencies are.
...Until now and until these preparations were made, the East could not afford for the West to fall because they would have been taken down with it.
   Now, the East has alternatives.
...It is truly scary to see all of the pieces that have been put into place because they are all locked and loaded. Nearly all of the future plans and programs are now in place.
Unity and Love,

this is a repeat from last week
Four Special
mid-week newsletters
being scheduled.
These will be entitled "Revelation and 'The End Times'"
Jean is writing a book about the Book of Revelation - and wishes for me to give you an introduction to the subject so that maybe you will read her book.
We will put it on the Internet when it is ready. Kim is going to edit it, but I have been too busy to format some of it for Jean.
I hoped to start getting these four special newsletters out last week, but the first is still not ready. Hopefully this week.
I know that many of you do not like the 'religion thing' and discussion about prophecy - so that is the reason that I am putting it into a separate series of newsletters, so that when you see them, you can just skip over them. I won't put anything else in there, and while they are being written - try to keep the subject out of the regular series.

Jean's Corner
This Week at Ark Two
Today is a super day to do some gardening, but Bruce wants me to write about what is going on at Ark Two- for the newsletter. What did we do this week?
We picked up Paul at the bus station in Barrie. His winter job has finished in the far north, so he stopped by here for a week on his way home to B.C. His love for the camera brought the story of his life style, living in a tent, when it was -50 degrees outside. I asked him, "What did you eat?" He told me moose meat, a whole refrigerator full. They used snowmobiles to get around, and they must have had other food as well, in cans. While here he helped me with planting onions in the garden which took almost twenty minutes. It would have taken me half a day. This has an effect for me as now, so I haven’t accomplished much the last two years. I still do quite a bit of canning in the fall - because people give me things.
Watching the growth of the plants, especially the new leaves happening on the trees, gives me a special high respect for
God as He is the Creator. He gave me a quick look at His garden years ago, which was a real shock for me, I almost fainted. It was extremely bright, and the beauty so great. No one can tell me that God does not exist.
Lots of other help this week. Denny came as usual on Tuesday night and he, Paul and Bruce worked out in the garage. I don't know what they did, but I am sure there is lots to do.
A couple of nights ago, Paul, Bruce, Jemma and I went up and checked on the garden and for Paul to do some filming around the Ark. Paul has been doing a documentary about Bruce for the last several years. He particularly filmed Darlene's trees that all the folks helped plant last week. They were doing well and we have gotten lots of rain since.
Paul and my grandson Evan worked at getting a piece of the stainless steel chimney out of the attic. The chimney cleaner said it has to be replaced, so I went with Bruce last week to look for matching parts. We need a sample of the old and since Paul has left, Evan is up there now working on it alone, while I write this.
Lots to do. Need to move things into the greenhouse, left out when the crew cleaned it last weekend, and we have to get screens on the bedrooms now that we can have the windows open.
I really feel sorry for the people in Nepal after the earthquake. I am afraid that many more people in the world are going to have even greater problems.
Love for you to come,
Jean Beach

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