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May 03, 2015 SAFE/Ark Two Newsletter‏
« on: May 04, 2015, 05:15:35 PM »
May 03, 2015 SAFE/Ark Two Newsletter‏
Patrick Michael Jocelyn-Holt
SAFE Director

Greetings from Minnesota. For those who missed me last week, thank you for your concern. My laptops battery decided to give up the ghost, so once that was replaced I was back online. Truthfully, as smart as I think I am, it never crossed my mind to just plug the computer in. When it failed ďunpluggedĒ I assumed the worst. The upshot - I am back.

When I left you two weeks ago we had finished discussing TRIADs and how to create them. Hopefully by now you have looked at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Hopefully you have begun reaching out to others to form your TRIADs. (TRIAD is an acronym for Three Really Involved And Devoted individuals). Sadly it is not that likely in our present selfish and self-absorbed society that you will find two other such individuals who will that closely consult with you.
This week we will begin our analysis of the Local Economic Recovery Networks or LERNs. The name pretty much says it all. They are local, provide for economic recovery (post calamity) and will be comprised of networks of groups of people.

Lesson 1
Understanding LERNs

First, and this is the MOST important thing to take from this lesson. DO NOT START FORMING LERNís NOW!!!!! People are not ready to develop LERNs. They just want to get along in the current system. Until things totally collapse they will not be willing to look for a new solution. But, there will come a day when the present system isnít working and you must LEARN NOW how to form the LERNs that you will need then, otherwise no one will know how.

Okay, the sirens went off (or didnít), whatever national disaster that tried to sound the alarm has occurred. The local government is dysfunctional, there are no primary services, no ambulance, no police, and no fire rescue, no hospitals, no electricity, no refrigeration, absolutely nothing, and life as you knew it has ceased to exist. Rumor has it that what you are experiencing locally, is happening worldwide. Local, county and national governments have failed, that is to say they are not providing you any services, the primary service being one of maintaining security and order. Chaos is pandemic, everyone and everything around you is in panic. You; however, can remain calm. Or calmer at least. You have studied for this eventuality, and it will be even better if you have prepared for this eventuality. The problem will be that others havenít done the preparation that you are doing here.

Being a good person you canít look the other way as others suffer. What do you do? Why, tell them how to implement the procedures that you will be learning here over the next few weeks. How do you do this? First steps, organize, organize, organize. Start the LERN process.

Ideally LERNís should be comprised of 50 to 200 individuals. Once you have reached the magic number of 200, the LERN splits, and now there are two. As more people become part of the safety net and the numbers swell again and as each LERN reaches the 200 mark, it splits and create separate LERNs. Again and again and yet again to create networks and levels of networks. Why 200 people? Truthfully it is an arbitrary number, but one that can be easily managed, and there have been numerous sociological studies and experiments to show that about 150 is the ideal for a social group.

To start this process, you will have information meetings with as many or few around you that you can get to listen in the first hours or days. The goal will be to organize a meeting of the 50-200 people in one contiguous geographical area. At that first meeting you will need to hold the first elections to authorize the LERNís coordinators who will hereafter be referred to as the LERNed. The election process will be dealt with in a future lesson, but ideally you will elect five, seven or nine initial coordinators, Why 5, 7, or 9? Similar to our supreme court the odd number of leaders prevents locked votes by providing for a majority in all cases.

Other first orders of business that your LERNed should probably be taking are: the geographical boundaries to your LERN? (As more LERNs are formed about you, the physical lines may change.) Circle the wagons and start securing your area. Bury your dead and begin to pull it together. Take census, how many people are present? Start by counting the living. Triage your LERN to ascertain who can provide assistance and who will need it. There is no fixed list or absolute order of priorities. It is the responsibility of the LERNed to consult, and then with their authority to set the priorities and the actions that are to be taken.

You have now established a working community in the form of a LERN and your chances of survival will be very much increased, but ONLY because you have decided to come together as community. There is little likelihood of survival and there can be no reconstruction without community. Read that again - .zip, nada, zilch, no, nien, none. It simply canít happen without community; and otherwise, in the words of Thomas Hobbes, life will be: ďsolitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and shortĒ. I donít know about you, but I try to avoid all of that. The obvious answer then, is community, and the solution presented here is LERNs.

That is a good start for this week. Next week, I will elaborate more on LERNs and what knowledge you need ahead of time. In the meantime be well and stay SAFE.

News Analysis
by Bruce

War Expectations

The number of supposed suspension of hostilities in effect at this moment is greater than any I have ever observed before.  Whether these are called truces, cease fires, agreements, treaties, or I don't know what - none of them seem to be holding.
Battles are on-going:

Boko Haram in Africa - or Islamic State South, or whatever they call it.
In South America - and in Mexico - the number of casualties certainly deserves the name 'war'.

Ukraine is getting hotter. Heavy artillery - troop movements - Russian 'volunteers' - lots of troop movement and improved supply lines - on both sides and the possibility of some action occurring where Canadian and US 'instructors' get involved, or killed, in the current outright fighting.

The US continues to stir Syria and now rockets are getting lobbed over the fence towards Israel, which has replied with firepower back to the other side. That is a significant escalation.
There has been significant escalation for Israel on several fronts. Terrorist attacks against them, with casualties and so forth.

Iran is in the middle of much of it. A lot of it is really between Iran and Saudi Arabia - but both often use their collaborators, such as in Yemen which has had a lot of casualites this week and the fighting has directly escalated into Saudi Arabia.

The Afghanistan situation continues to roil Pakistan, which increases the pressure on the Zero Line and India, which I figure will be the trigger to nuclear WW3. You won't see anything about this in MSM, but it is happening.

There are diplomatic deadlines for Iran, Ukraine, Russia next month in June and as we move towards those dates, these things are intensifying -
Hardly to mention what is happening with the Islamic State and between China and Japan. The latter experiencing an increase in confrontation such as has not been seen in decades.

But the REALLY BIG NEWS is the financial nuclear weapon that Russia and China are preparing to drop on the US in the fall.
Already, this week, the BRICS have agreed to establish a fund to rival the IMF but, the emerging economies also plan to form their own international bank based in Shanghai to challenge western dominance over international money markets. As I regularly state: physical war is simply the extension of financial, economic, monetary warfare - and this latest action is the financial/monetary equivalent of nuking America.

Nearness of the Catastrophe

My two outstanding requirements for the Great Catastrophe to occur towards the end of July are:

1. Economic/Financial collapse. This needs to occur in the next two weeks, but at the moment there is no sign of that. If it does occur, it will occur suddenly - as that is the way these things work anyway. However, if it doesn't occur, the more inclined I will be for my expectation for the timing of the Catastrophe to be moved to next year.

2. The second requirement - for racial distress in the US, has certainly been more on a visible course this last week. Demonstrations mount and summer hasn't even begun. But, maybe it must get much worse than I imagine. I can't quantify these things and only The Lord knows when and how.

A couple of items of interest

Since Jean is writing the Ark Two Happenings this week, I will add this here.

Radio Report

Lots of emails back and forth this week about the radio. The parts that Adam ordered, arrived and are still sitting here with me until Bob the engineer can find time to do a test using them.
Another engineer has offered to help further the project - but I would like to determine where we are to this point.

Room for New Readers

I took the advice of several of you - and contacted our newsletter service provider, and we were able to delete several hundred of the subscribers who were not reading the newsletter, so there is now room for about 800 new readers.

Book Recommendation

I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to discover a book published in the last couple of months in the UK about how to rebuild society after a World Catastrophe. I immediately ordered the book - and immediately emailed the author to say to him that since we were interested in the same subject, that he might be interested in my book.

I never heard back from him, and after getting into reading the book - I understand why. He would absolutely detest my paradigm. His blog says that he has done a TED show, which has not appeared yet, but that will sort of tell you why he won't like me. I think TED is marvelous also - but with severe limitations, as I have often discussed.

Anyway - I think the book is GREAT! Marvelously done. Just misses the two essential items that are necessary for the reconstruction of society. Social organization and a change in Spiritual Focus.
The author has called upon, and had the assistance of an astounding number of authorities about how to restart the current technical areas - from scratch. Once again - I highly recommend the book. It is called - "The Knowledge" and the author is Louis Dartnell. With that you should be able to find it in several formats and prices. I got it from Amazon for Kindle for $13.
Unity and Love,


Warning this is a repeat from last week
Four Special mid-week newsletters being scheduled.
These will be entitled "Revelation and 'The End Times'"

Jean is writing a book about the Book of Revelation - and wishes for me to give you an introduction to the subject so that maybe you will read her book.
We will put it on the Internet when it is ready. Kim is going to edit it, but I have been too busy to format some of it for Jean.

I hoped to start getting these four special newsletters out last week, but the first is still not ready. Hopefully this week.

I know that many of you do not like the 'religion thing' and discussion about prophecy - so that is the reason that I am putting it into a separate series of newsletters, so that when you see them, you can just skip over them. I won't put anything else in there, and while they are being written - try to keep the subject out of the regular series.

This is a link to the book everyone will need the day AFTER the Great Catastrophe -
but which they need to buy and read NOW!.

This Week at Ark Two

Bruce has asked me to take over writing this portion of the newsletter. Things are becoming so active here that he has less and less time to get things done. I am wanting him to help me with my book, and this is one of the things that I can do so that he will find time to do so. Kim has said that she will edit it for me and I am anxious to get it to her.

We are getting more and more marvelous help. My daughter tries to come every Wednesday after work (and bring our grandson when he isn't working nights). Because of the smoke from the woodstove for the last several years - the walls need repainting terribly and it is a big job just to clean them.

Our son came and got the garage door working so we can start cleaning that up and Denny, has been coming once a week to help with that. We have to move some stuff to the shelter, and get rid of a lot of junk, so that we can get stuff out of the house itself.

Yesterday we had 7 for breakfast. Bruce did most of the cooking, but I made up the white sauce and a cheese dip for noon, and a couple of other things. I barely get around anymore so I have a hard time getting the house ready for people to come. I do still drive and do the shopping.
There were three groups that came. N and J are great organizers, and really hard workers. They and J and L stayed until 1:00. It was J and L's first trip here and L brought me a very interesting new Kalanchoe plant from Africa. I will put it out on the patio deck with the dozen other potted trees that everyone moved outside for me for the summer. I really don't know if I can do a garden there this year. I haven't started any plants in the greenhouse and that should have been done a month ago - but it has been cold until now. My son put in a nice new faucet for me that I can now work easily with a lever, instead of the knob that I couldn't turn.

Darlene ordered 28 trees that were shipped to me last week - and it was a massive effort to get them all planted up by the shelter yesterday, even with everyone's help and Darlene worked until evening. We are supposed to be getting ten more bigger ones, and are planning a tree planting Sunday June 7th, so anyone local who would like to help with that or perhaps bring more trees, please let me know. We are calling it my 88th birthday party.

Paul is to come for a while starting Monday. He has been here several times over the years and is doing a documentary about Bruce. Bruce hopes to get the GGS project started while he is here.
There are always lots of big projects that need to be done here, and anyone who is willing to organize a work team and come and do one of them is more than welcome. The prepper conference is scheduled for July 10-12.

Love for you to come,
Jean Beach