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The Prepper's Arts and Crafts Box
« on: August 22, 2013, 11:01:09 AM »
When prepping for children there are a multitude of things to think about.  One of the biggest is going to be keeping them busy and amused once the age of Teletoon and DS have passed.  It is going to be a challenge that may drive you nuts as you listen to “I’m bored.  There is nothing to do.” (Can you hear the whine?)  Now many of you will say “Oh! Not my kids” and “There are a ton of chores and work to be done…”  That’s all well and very true but kids are not adults and very few, unless they are true farm kids, have the stamina or skills to do much of the work that will need to be done.  And even after you have been teaching them those skills, they will need down time.  And many, many, children are used to having their entertainment handed to them and while an early start to weaning them off the variety of electronic babysitters is a good idea often it is the easiest way we adults have of getting some quiet time…

Anyways, all of this is known and thought of by parents who intend to change their kids behaviour but through exhaustion, inertia and the path of least resistance give into the electronic temptation.

So let me introduce the PREPPER’S ART BOX…

First you need the basics for all ages.  It helps if you can have a table in your classroom corner and a bookshelf set aside for supplies that are accessible.
Crayola crayons
Prismacolor colored pencils
oil pastels
colored chalk
Don’t bother with markers because they dry out so fast they aren’t worth storing

paper – copy, construction, tissue, crepe, card stock
roll of paper - butcher paper, wrapping paper
crepe paper
You might also want to get sketchbooks for each child – get a couple for a number of years.  Adults also like to have them. When I teach drawing to Monkey, I work alongside him in my own sketchbook.  Much more fun for me…

glue – white, wood, fabric
Mod Podge
The best library pastes can be made from flour and again there are a number of recipies online and using rancid flour is better than wasting it.

exacto-knives and extra blades
hole punches
rulers – metal, plastic
thumb tacks
paint brushes
foam brushes
wire cutters

From here you get to start to have fun yourself.

Prang watercolors
Reeves tempera powder paint – you mix these with water
Oil paints for older kids

felt: craft or wool
fabric scraps
embroidery floss (DMC)
embroidery canvas
These can be used to teach kids to sew by hand and by treadle machine and to darn and patch clothes.

Three Dimensional:
homemade dough (flour, salt, water – a good use for flour past its eating prime)
air dry clay
scrap wood
craft/popsicle sticks
wood shapes
There is an entire outdoor world that can be added in here

Stringing & Beading:
beads – wood, glass, metal
fishing line
leather cording
While these are better for older kids and you might want to look for a beading instruction book (kids can sell these for pin money), the dexterity skills learned from threading beads on to cording is really important for the development of fine hand-eye coordination.

ink pad felt
ink - like paint, it can be bought in powder form and reconstituted
rubber stamps

Silly Stuff:
pom poms
cotton balls
googly eyes
craft foam

Saved from The Blue Box
empty boxes
clean cans & jars
small plastic containers

Now there are some other items that blur the line between crafts and living.  Many of these you are likely already collecting and skills you are learning.  Boys and girls should be learning both equally.

Outside the Box - Equipment
quilting frame
table loom
floor loom
embroidery hoops
darning eggs
treadle sewing machine
craft books (not arts and crafts but mastercrafts)
sewing patterns
chisels and other wood working equipment

Again you can take this further by sending your kids to craft programs - learn weaving - cloth will run out... learn quilting... learn stained glass making and glaziers skills - windows will break and need to be replaced and oiled cloth might let in the light but it is a cold way to do it... send them to learn furniture repair and cabinetry skills... send them to learn candle making... learn upholstery... there are a ton of skills that you can make them responsible for learning and then teaching the family.  The arts side of crafts and the skills of the craftsman(woman) are going to add depth and comfort to the lives we life after the SHTF.

For those who are interested, there is a six-part BBC series on YouTube called MasterCrafts.  Worth the time - especially the blacksmithing.  In these shows you can see where your child can start in the arts and crafts box and blossom into the future.

Look forward to your additions.
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Re: The Prepper's Arts and Crafts Box
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 11:46:24 AM »
Watch for the sales of these items..

My kids are now teens and we call this collection of items the school supplies tote..thankfully I have it this year as school is just around the corner and I am unemployed...

Every year just before school starts to after school has started I always collect what I can find on sale..

This year I drove 2 hours to the closest wally mart and bought lined paper for 15 cents a pack..this was not my only reason for taking such a long trip..we had to clothes shop also..but sometimes the savings can cover my gas

giant tiger had packs of pencils on for 25 cents I also bought 10 packs of those

ths stuff never goes bad,unless stored in a damp basement

In loving memory of my son Chris April 12 1985-June 19 2007

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Re: The Prepper's Arts and Crafts Box
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2014, 10:31:05 PM »
This is a great idea!  I have three boys ages 11, 8 & 5 and I have been prepping to make sure they stay safe and fed. What I haven't done is prep for the time when they get bored, and as you say, they will.

I will be starting to add this list to my own family list.  Thanks for the great idea.