Author Topic: Ebola vaccine trial suspended after patients report suffering joint pain  (Read 1089 times)

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he trial taking place at the University of Geneva was paused today[/size][/size][/size]Four of 59 volunteers reported suffering joint pain in their hands and feet[/size]Hospital said the move is a 'precautionary measure' but not a 'setback'[/size]Drug is one of two being trialled at various locations around the world [/size]Global vaccines alliance (GAVI) has committed $300 million to buying up future drugs to help vaccinate people to stop the current epidemic[/size]And a further $90 million has been pledged to rebuild health systems [/size]Swiss trial is expected to resume in 15 volunteers on January 5 [/size]

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Not to surprising as true clinical trial take years. They are rushing this and it likely will not turn out well. At one point they thought that they had a working vaccination for aids. It was tested among high risk groups and appeared to be very effective. However the long term trial showed that after two years the recipients we almost 50% more likely to become infected with HIV than unvaccinated people in the same control group. The vaccine was abandoned but it does illustrate that sometime it takes years for the full effect of the vaccine to be known.
It may never happen. Best to be prepared just in case.