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Sharing some custom work
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:31:28 PM »
Some of my latest custom work. Jeep grab handles in hot pink & black and a ceremonial paddle for a retiring Commanding Officer (Sea Cadet)
Rachelle Petrie
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Re: Sharing some custom work
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 02:40:15 PM »
Jeep grab handles, so that is what THEY are calling them now, codewords right.

Seriously now folks, I just made a custom order based on my comments to Wilderness Twins post, there answer was not a problem at all and we will get back to you later today with the price per unit as well bulk order price.

Can't ask for any better service of help there!
I even asked if the new model could be called the CanAmprepper model/version. ;)

My custom order