Author Topic: false flags and ISIS and fed/gov  (Read 1401 times)

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false flags and ISIS and fed/gov
« on: August 31, 2014, 07:16:54 AM »
with each week we see more and more horrifying images from iraq/syria etc.
now we hear 'specific'? threats against the USA.
with the main stream media being 100% controlled by fed, I beleive we are being fed what they want us to hear. for what prupose? to get us prepped for the ineviatable catastrophy that will be blamed on ISIS et all.
at this point, ANY major calamity will be blamed on ISIS, and of course the gov will enact more restrictions and curtail more rights. 'for our own good'
If it is a big enuf (gruesome) act, the people will be lining up to give up their guns, accept food rationing, or take the vaccine. depending on what scenario has been dropped in our midst.
 what type of disaster would instill that type of fear into america?(canada)?
a suicide bomber with ebola strapped to him? a chemical attack at a school/football game?
remember, we all seen 911 and somehow even have become complacent after that. too much confusion, and blame, and hypothicating. with a lot of woo woo thrown in to keep any off traCK.
(what ever happened to the gold that was stored in them buildings?) I digress.
it seems to me that ANY crisis cannot hold the public's attention for very long.. benghazi, fast and furious, birth cert, border jumpers, bundy ranch, ukraine, syria, iraq.
the list is endless. ignorance and apathy.. I dont know and I dont care.
frankly, the public is too caught up in trying to survive day to day. gas prices, food prices, unemployment, rampant crime, housing crisis, police brutality, riots.
If the gov is going to spy on EVERYONE when there isnt a visible crisis, what will they do when there is one?
the list is endless. "I dont know and I dont care, as long as it doesnt touch me"
well.. it does touch everyone.
mark of the beast is coming and it riding a gov drone.
I recently read an article about the cost of renouncing US citizenship going up 420%. one would think that if you wanted to leave, its no skin off thier nose.
wrong.. they want YOU. more importantly, they want what you HAVE. they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep the 'entitlement' programs up and running.
any dollar that leaves the country, is one more dollar they wont get. guilded cage, indeed.
on one hand obama tells us just last week, to stock up for an emergency. on the other hand, FEMA says anyone with more than 2 weeks supply, is a hoarder and an enemy of the people.
talk about duplicity, and talking out of both sides of your mouth at one time. its meant to confuse and confound. because confusion breeds apathy.
remember, ignornce of the law, is no excuse. but when there are so many laws and so many contradicting laws, not to mention, interpretation, of said law, its not hard to see that this confusion is all by design.(with a bunch of incompetance thrown in)
my rant for today :-\
of all the things I,ve lost.. I miss my mind, the most

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Re: false flags and ISIS and fed/gov
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2014, 11:14:31 PM »

Nice rant!!

Divide & conquer, is the name of the game. The question is, who is doing the conquering?? We know who will be defiled, that would be all of us.....if we get lazy and complacent.

The ice cream shop has the flavour of the day, TPTB has the threat/enemy of the day. Last week it was Taliban and this week it is ISIS.

Stay vigilant,