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buckle up. this is going to be a rough ride
« on: August 25, 2014, 12:12:28 PM »
airline pilot's report of lights in the ocean..

 Unknown orange/red glow over Pacific Ocean - August 24, 2014 Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere South of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka I experienced the creepiest thing so far in my flying career.
After about 5 hours in flight we left Japan long time behind us and were cruising at a comfortable 34.000ft with about 4,5 hours to go towards Alaska.
We heard via the radio about earthquakes in Iceland, Chile and San Francisco, and since there were a few volcanos on our route that might or might not be going off during our flight, we double checked with dispatch if there was any new activity on our route after we departed from Hongkong.
Then, very far in the distance ahead of us, just over the horizon an intense lightflash shot up from the ground. It looked like a lightning bolt, but way more intense and directed vertically up in the air. I have never seen anything like this, and there were no flashes before or after this single explosion of light.
Since there were no thunderstorms on our route or weather-radar, we kept a close lookout for possible storms that might be hiding from our radar and might cause some problems later on.

I decided to try and take some pictures of the night sky and the strange green glow that was all over the Northern Hemisphere. I think it was sort of a Northern Lights but it was much more dispersed, never seen anything like this before either. About 20 minutes later in flight I noticed a deep red/orange glow appearing ahead of us, and this was a bit strange since there was supposed to be nothing but endless ocean below us for hundreds of miles around us. A distant city or group of typical Asian squid-fishing-boats would not make sense in this area, apart from the fact that the lights we saw were much larger in size and glowed red/orange, instead of the normal yellow and white that cities or ships would produce.
The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow. In a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water.
The only cause of this red glow that we could think of, was the explosion of a huge volcano just underneath the surface of the ocean, about 30 minutes before we overflew that exact position.
Since the nearest possible airport was at least 2 hours flying away, and the idea of flying into a highly dangerous and invisible ash-plume in the middle of the night over the vast Pacific Ocean we felt not exactly happy. Fortunately we did not encounter anything like this, but together with the very creepy unexplainable deep red/orange glow from the ocean's surface, we felt everything but comfortable. There was also no other traffic near our position or on the same routing to confirm anything of what we saw or confirm any type of ash clouds encountered.

We reported our observations to Air Traffic Control and an investigation into what happened in this remote region of the ocean is now started.

Two photos included, hardly edited except for watermark and resize. Note that photos are taken with extremely high ISO (sensor sensitivity) so quality might be a bit poor. Also an overview of our route + marking of the location is included.

Now I'm just hoping that if a new island has been formed there, at least it can be named after me as the official discoverer. :)
That would be pretty cool!   
Glowing lights illuminating the nightly sky
Glowing lights illuminating the nightly sky[/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t]
Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Location of observation/possible eruption
Location of observation/possible eruption
Location of observation/possible eruption
Location of observation/possible eruption
Location of observation/possible eruption
Location of observation/possible eruption
The Ring of Fire - Pacific Rim
The Ring of Fire - Pacific Rim

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25-Aug-2014 16:02
Were the individual lights below the clouds constant, or moving, or changing in intensity?
25-Aug-2014 15:45
Our Ionosphere is being Highly Charged by the presence of a Low Energy Electron Field from the approaching Dark Star. Why all of the anomalous Lightning Incidents world wide lately. There was a HUGE Fluxtube from our Sun at or around that time as well:
25-Aug-2014 14:51
Fishing vessels, most likeley, usually i see them using green lights, but since I know next to zeeo about fishing.....
25-Aug-2014 14:39
Coincidentally there was a large CME yesterday that was not directly pointed at earth but did cause Radio and Satellite issues.
25-Aug-2014 14:22
maybe POETIN knows more, a light explosion vertical in the air should be man made.... wasn't there a small dark something(ufo) at the top of the light .....
25-Aug-2014 14:05
they SAY HAARP is not being used... the main facility... we they and others have HAARP weapons on planes and ships... dont be ignorant and self wise thinking there is no more HAARP use
Hannover Fist
25-Aug-2014 14:05
That location is directly between a deep sea trench and the Emporer Seamount Chain. It is possible it is volcanic but would not be glowing like that without creating an ash plume, and there are no reports of seismic activity at that location. Something else is going on with the Pacific Rim, between the large earth quakes, the ground opening near Baja, and the billions of jellyfish washing up on the US West Coast I am beginning to believe we are about to witness a massive tectonic event. Not only has the Subduction plate off Washington State sat silently for decades now, there is a linear pattern of small quakes that follow down the East side of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountians, I personally think a massive multi state quake may be about to hit the West Coast, or even a partial Continental Seperation may be on the horizon. I hope I am wrong, but something big is building up in the Pacific. Great Pics by the way.
25-Aug-2014 13:20
Could it be a Japanese fishing fleet?
25-Aug-2014 13:16
haarp is no longer being used and I know of what I speak on this one.
25-Aug-2014 12:47
That is what HAARP looks like when it is powered up over an area to alter the jet stream. Millions of watts of power entering the atmosphere in a short burst of energy. The truth is in plain site, research it for yourself .
25-Aug-2014 11:57
The photos have long exposure times (+8secs), which can make any lightsource look very strange, especially in a flying (moving) airplane. However you do not see light trails from the stars. Seems like exif data of the photo's are incorrect?
De RazendeBol
25-Aug-2014 11:56
What do the guys in the IS, no, make that ISS report?
25-Aug-2014 11:39
Did you have Geiger counters on board?
Rick Bricker
24-Aug-2014 23:08
That is an unworldly glow....quite amazing.My wife,a retired ATC employee said that ATC would be groaning saying "oh great,something else we have to
24-Aug-2014 22:22 -- Any connection?

Amazing timing and one of a kind pictures for sure!
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