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a little woo woo
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:02:04 PM »
The 1995 movie Outbreak named its virus Motaba, look what happens when you reverse that name!!   So, is this a freaken coincidence, or totally planned???

In the 1995 movie Outbreak the viral outbreak begins in "California". The disease in the movie is given the name Motaba.

Motaba spelled backwards is Abatom.

Abatom is a small privately owned think tank located in Jericho, Ibadan.

If you locate that on a map you will see that this "think tank" is located directly in the middle between where past Ebola outbreaks occurred and where this new outbreak is taking place.

[link to]

Also note that ABATOM's current projects include "are being now taken over for execution under ABATOM aegis" is HIV/aids PANDEMIC."

[link to]

ABATOM Associates is a small privately-owned Nigerian think tank, with installed capacity for undertaking quality work in consultancy, research, commissioned studies and technical reports, publishing, education and training, project analysis and evaluation in major socio-economic fields, and such other related professional functions as may be required for meeting the increasingly complex needs of interested individuals, groups and organisations, government and policy makers, and agencies in today’s world, whether at the National, ECOWAS Sub-Regional, Continental-African, or even International levels. ABATOM Associates is a corporate body and registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Federal Republic of Nigeria, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, with the Company’s Registration Number as RC 823706.

There are two research proposals which ABATOM Associates is currently working on as projects for submission to funding agencies or organisations. The research project proposals concerned were previously formulated by the Directors in their individual capacities, but are being now taken over for execution under ABATOM aegis. The research project proposals are about

(a) “Conflicts, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and Rising Military Incapacities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Regional Security” and (b) Gender, Agriculture, and Globalisation: African Dimensions and Cases.

An internet search for "ABATOM aegis" lead to this about the Sukhumi Laboratory in the JPRS-ULS-92-024
30 October 1992 JPRS Report

Virus Collection Stolen From Sukhumi Laboratory (you will have to search this and click on links because it was a pdf with no link)

in Russian 23 October 92 p 4

[Article by EL MUNDO (Spain) correspondent D.
Polikarpov , special to KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA,
Sukhumi: "What Monkey Can Stand up to a Guardsman
With A Machine Gun?"]

[Text] Famous Sukhumi Nursery Robbed. Plague and
Cholera Viruses [sic] Stolen

The institute, which had a very rich collection of viruses,
studied the charcteristics of their effect on the living
organism. More specifically, on monkeys. In some laboratories, as the result of numerous experiments and observations the rarest medicinal preparations were created and approved. There existed a department which studied oncological diseases and conducted a search—claimed to be
successful—for a vaccine against AIDS. Several of the
institute's employees claim that people from the Russian
Military Biological Laboratory worked in the vicinity, in a
civilian building. Apparently it [the Russian Military Biological Laboratory] was successfully evacuated.

But the worst was yet to come. On one of the nights after the armed men's next visit, the collection ofviruses disappeared from the laboratory. According to the specialists' estimate, if some ofthem were to get into the city's water system, they could cause an epidemic of such diseases as plague or cholera. Of greatest concern, of course, is the work of the military laboratory. It is possible that not everything was evacuated, and since no one knows what the military doctors were studying, it is impossible to evaluate the degree of risk. Only one thing is clear: it is possible that someone, without suspecting it himself, holds in his hands the lives of many thousands of people.

If you want to know what Sukhumi lab was all about, a guy in this thread talks all about it about halfway down the thread, among other things done at this lab were experiments to cross-breed humans with apes:

[link to]

And the statement, "but are being now taken over for execution under ABATOM aegis", leads to this:

Aegis Combat System

[link to]

What I was originally was looking for is similarities between the movie "Outbreak" and the recent announcement about Ebola in California. Then, all I did was take the name of the virus in the movie and reverse it....And then...BAM, all of this started. I am sure there is more to look at, if anyone else wishes to take this further...
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