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« on: July 29, 2014, 08:11:23 AM »
I read recently, about blacks in the states wanting restitution for the crimes aginst their forefathers. slavery etc.

and LaRaz wants to reclaim southern USA for mexico because it "was stolen" from their ancestors.
it wasnt stolen. it was conquered.and relinquished.

and  the indians were driven from thier lands and all but anihilated.
they seek restitution. just like the indians in canada. demanding recourse for the sins against their fathers and children.
ok.. lets follow that thot.  say the land was stolen from the indians.. it wasnt stolen.. they were conquered.
to the victor, the spoils.

the indians had fought tribe to tribe for generations/centuries. each tribe would conquer and vanquish, and either, kill, or enslave the losers.and then they took their hunting territorys and lands.until, they themselves were conquered by some other tribe.
even in ontario, we had the mohawks etc, conquering the onieda etc. tribe against tribe. algonquins against the mohawks. it went on in perpetuality until the white man came and many tribes (historical enemies)  banded together against a common enemy. until they were defeated.

in europe the vikings slaughtered their way to new conquests. the romans slaughtered and conquered their way across europe.
the mongols did the same. the portuguese. the spaniards. the brits the french, (napolean) et all. war and conquest has been around for ever.

same in africa.. tribes slaughtered other tribes. and then came the portuguese and europeans to enslave and aquire.

the slave trade was mostly blacks capturing blacks to sell to the europeans and then to the americas or west indies.

so basically, the blacks should be seeking restituion from the blacks of africa, not from the slave owners of the states and western islands.
 south and cenral america was defated and colonized by spaniards, portuguese, etc, and  the inca and aztecs were slaughtered or enslaved and pillaged.

and now they want reparations

following that line of thot. the conquered peoples of every nation should be seeking restitution from the conquerers everywhere.

the greeks (et all) should be demanding restitution from the french/romans (et all).

my question is.. who should pay who?

my grandparents came from england.. should I be seeking restituion from every country that engaged england?
political correctness and cowardess have enslaved us all.
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Re: pontification
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 11:19:52 PM »
Well jumping on the bandwagon my ancestors were given a hard time by the Romans and then the Vikings. Italy today is quickly on the way to going broke so I guess I should go after the Scandinavians.  :D
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