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Our Networking Family summer time
« on: July 24, 2014, 04:37:34 PM »
Hey all..
we know it is summer, we know your all busy, kids, cottages, gardens, working all the usual. So before you head out to the beach, or the garden please take a minute and let us know what your up to. Even beach time can be prepper / survivalist time.

London area meeting this coming Sunday
yes, any other forum members can come, any meetup members can come out as well !
London Meeting this Sunday 27 July 2014?

Modified the Videographer section:
now the section that was mine and CanAmPrepper video section is for every Member of our Network as well as any prepper, bushcraft, survivalist, homesteader and scrounge crafter event you go to. Pics and Videos... it is all good
CanAmPrepper's Video Channel here

Youtube CanAmPreppers Video section

I now have my own unique wild_E vido section:
link in the section soon with links to the videos there.
wild_E Video section here
youtube wild_E

Exiting new; Any Member Writing section;
any member who has written anything creative they wish to share be it a short story, poem, newspaper article you wrote, anything of that nature please share it with everyone here.
Member Writing, Poems, Songs etc

Share, cause we care!
cheers all ~wild_E
(ps. lurkers, you can join up as well, let us know where your from and whats going on in your corner of life)
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