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milk based formula
« on: July 01, 2014, 05:52:04 PM »


Homemade Milk Based Baby Formula
Makes 36 ounces
2 cups whole, raw milk from organic, grassfed cows  (goat milk is not a good substitute as it is low in vitamin B12 and lacks folic acid both of which are essential for growth and development of the baby).
* If clean, grassfed whole raw cow’s milk is unavailable in your area, use low temp (vat) pasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk cultured back to life with a piima or kefir starter.   Do NOT use ultrapasteurized organic milk!
1/4 cup liquid whey.   Do NOT use powdered whey from the store or whey from making cheese. Do not use cheese whey as it will curdle the formula.
4 TBL Lactose
1/4 tsp Bifidobacterium Infantis Powder
2 TBL good quality raw or pasteurized cream (use 4 TBL if the milk is from holstein cows).  Do NOT use ultrapasteurized cream!
1/2 tsp unflavored, fermented cod liver oil (“salty cod” is the one you want)
1/4 tsp high vitamin butter oil (optional, but highly recommended)
1 tsp expeller pressed, organic sunflower oil
1 tsp organic, extra virgin olive oil (in a dark bottle)
2 tsp virgin coconut oil
2 tsp Frontier nutritional yeast flakes
2 tsp gelatin
1 7/8 cup filtered water
1/4 tsp acerola powder
*You can order all of the required ingredients for the homemade baby formula in one package from Radiant Life


thus dad, aunts and grandma(s) can step in with a temporary baby formula recipe for those not yet weaned, plus a video tutorial above on how to prepare it

the depression era rural dionne quints were born at home preemie and were successfully rescued with a primitive format of this same idea back in the days before they had ready access to hospital/incubators, a "seven twenty" mix of raw cows milk.

fascinating account of their depression era survival before widespread use of commercial baby formula. the babies combined did not weigh more than 14 lbs, could all fit into one hand each. none were expected to survive. a 6th was miscarried early.
note this was a mixture that was corn syrup enhanced, well before gmo corn was developed, much easier on preemie digestive tract

"...The births were registered in nearby Corbeil. The individual babies' weights and measurements were not recorded. The quintuplets were immediately wrapped in cotton sheets and old napkins, and laid in the corner of the bed. Dr. Dafoe was certain that none of them could live. Shortly after the births were completed, Elzire went into shock and Dafoe thought that she would die as well, but she recovered in two hours.

The babies were kept in a wicker basket borrowed from the neighbours, covered with heated blankets. They were brought into the kitchen and set by the open door of the stove to keep warm. One by one, they were taken out of the basket and massaged with olive oil. Every two hours for the first twenty-four, they were fed water sweetened with corn syrup. By the second day they were moved to a slightly larger laundry basket, and kept warm with hot-water bottles. They were watched constantly and often had to be roused. They were then fed with "seven-twenty" formula; that is, cow's milk, boiled water, two spoonfuls of corn syrup, and one or two drops of rum for a stimulant.

The news of the unusual birth spread quickly, sparked by Oliva's brother's inquiry to the local newspaper editor about how much he would be charged for an announcement of five babies at a single birth. Before long, people all over North America were offering assistance. Individuals sent supplies and well-meant advice (a famous letter from Appalachia recommends tiny doses of burnt rye whiskey to prevent diarrhoea);one hospital sent two incubators, Canadian women sent breast milk..."

Olive oil massage was ingenius as a topical antifungal/antimicrobial. Their lives later were mostly a dismal circus spectacle in hard times, but great lessons on how to save a preemie or malnourished infant in a disaster situation, no hospital or grid
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