Author Topic: Canada Increasingly Dependent On Resources As Factories, Housing Slide  (Read 1454 times)

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And here you have it...there is a slide show attached to this story and it shows the rising prices of food in Canada..all thou over all I think they are higher then what this story really says and the amount of time,but at least someone is showing the thruth :o

OTTAWA - The Conference Board's latest barometer of the economy shows Canada's short-term outlook is becoming ever more dependent on commodities.
The newest composite leading index for April rose by 0.4 per cent, twice the pace of March, but the composition shows the trigger for growth was almost exclusively on the commodity export side.
Higher resource prices contributed to an eighth consecutive month of growth in the Toronto stock market, with the Bank of Canada commodity price posting the biggest gain in three years at 2.4 per cent.
As well, wheat prices were strong in part due to the turmoil in Ukraine.
Meanwhile, manufacturing was flat in the month and housing fell for the sixth consecutive month.
The labour component was also soft with claims for employment insurance experiencing the largest jump in almost three years.
The Conference Board says the leading index is composed of 10 indicators designed to track the short-term course of the economy.

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One of the reasons is lack of growth in manufacturing, particularly in Ontario. One of the main reasons is the cost of hydro in this Province. Without a change in the Provincial Government hydro prices will maintain their meteoritic rise. EVERYONE has a chance to make that change next week in the Provincial Elections.
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when I was in BC whole mountainsides of logs were trcuked to the shore and a SELF loader(no need for BC help) came and took them overseas to come back as value added.
nobody in this country need the work?
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The Canadian Government has no backbone when it comes to international trade.  In fact, Harper continually seeks out and signs unbalanced trade agreements with just about any country willing to talk to him.  He's trading Canadian oil for internationally manufactured goods.  He's not interested in supporting the manufacturing sector in Canada in the least.  It's nice to see that the US Government has stepped forward and imposed a hefty import tariff on Chinese solar panels.   The World Trade Organization will likely bring a suit forward in international court about the tariff and we'll see what happens then. 
I'm not against the resource sector, but I don't believe that Canadians are getting the value out of their exploitation that we should be getting.  If we're so resource rich, why are we so darn poor?  We should have free post secondary education, great medical care, four day work weeks, etc....   
The way I see it, crown owned resources are owned by every Canadian, and the sale of them should make us all rich, not just a select few.


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