Author Topic: Invasive Stink Bugs Spreading Across Ontario  (Read 1030 times)

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Invasive Stink Bugs Spreading Across Ontario
« on: April 10, 2014, 03:31:33 AM »
Stink bugs are spreading across Ontario.
The first official detection of brown marmorated stink bugs came in 2012 when a homeowner found one in Hamilton.
Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture has now confirmed the invasive species has been spotted south of Chatham, about an hour east of Windsor.
The bug has also been found in Toronto (2012), Vaughan (2013), Windsor (2013), Niagara-on-the Lake (2013), London (2013), Fort Erie (2014), and Ottawa (2014), to name just a few municipalities
A 2013 survey found breeding populations in localized areas in Hamilton
While the bugs do not bite humans, they will release a foul smell when handled or otherwise disturbed.
The bugs are a concern to the agriculture industry because they feed on fruit and vegetables.


The agriculture ministry is asking anyone in Ontario who finds a stink bug to catch it, take a photo and send the picture to the ministry.

“The best way to preserve specimens, and to prevent them from being crushed, is to place them in a small container with rubbing alcohol or vinegar,” the ministry says. “Good quality digital photos, showing key features such as the two white bands on each antenna, can also be useful for identifying [them].”

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