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Moderation in moderation.
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:57:51 PM »
Moderation in Moderation.
This forum exists for the exchange of ideas and experiences between its members. It is an open forum and moderation will only be made when absolutely necessary. Our moderators are professional at all times and you will not find any that act like they are two year olds with Napoleonic complexes on this site.

General Moderation.
The simple rules to follow are to keep the posts lawful and always be respectful of other members. Unfortunately, at times moderation is required on all forums.

Posts that contain, profanity, rudeness, name calling, references, racism etc. will be modified, warnings given. Post modified!

Persistent, recurring examples of the above by a specific member may be grounds for removal from the site. We may put the member on temporary hold, contact them and discuss the issue. People do make mistakes, some have health issues, others have life issues that may make them temporarily negative and cranky and sometimes we simply might have a very bad day. We do try to be fair in this, though members must follow these simple rules and requests.

Moderation where Moderations are involved in the thread.
Our policy is very specific, if there is a thread or discussion and any of the Moderators are involved even as the original poster and a conflict develops within the tread another Moderator is requested to step in look it over and sort it out. The intervening Moderator will be impartial. Nobody will ever be banned because one Moderator is upset. Checks and balances are at play in this forum.

Requests to be a Moderator.
Anyone may request to become a Moderator. Make your requests to an Administrator.

Spammers and Trolls.
Yes they are both out there and usually easy to spot. For the most part spammers are denied membership through our admission system but some may get through from time to time.  Spammer and Trolls are not genuine members of the forum they will be removed.
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