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Just uploaded lots of videos
« on: January 22, 2014, 11:42:05 PM »
Howdy folks, like the title says, I just uploaded a lot of videos today!

Two are visible today, as they go together.
Everyday I will make one or two visible.

These range from mud tracks by animals, cute and fast Black Angus calf, veggie - veg oil lamps, floating lamps, veg hurricane lamps plus a few more from the What is on the table, Bug Out Bag, BOB series to name a few.

Thanks to Nabanitis and NObshere, there is now a front lead in as well as a post section with scrolling words to lead to the forum.

Please go and take a look, subscribe to the channel, leave some comments and perhaps leave some comments here as well. A happy and healthy forum is run by you the readership with ever increasing memberships. So let me know your thoughts (hold back just a bit Zeker ... LOL ) let us know if there is anything you want us to video as well.

After this run, and a bit more editing there will be another 5-7 videos uploaded, with another 10-14 planned. NObs has another few planned and we are coordinating on a few as well, so stay tuned folks!

Lots and I mean lots happening,
ps.. keep reading Jerry's chapter a day series, or better yet, just pop on over to his Kindle store and order them all!

link for y'all Eh..
tracks in the mud

ps... have a couple of computer help ones on the way as well, so stay watching for some great tips!
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