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Radio Amateurs of Canada
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:59:32 PM »

1967 Canadian Amateur Radio Federation (CARF) formed
  • 1993 Merger of Canadian Radio Relay League with Canadian Amateur Radio Federation to form Radio Amateurs of Canada, Inc.

  • Regulatory advocacy[/size][edit][/size]A primary purpose of the Radio Amateurs of Canada is regulatory advocacy. The RAC represents and acts as a liaison and coordinating body for amateur radio enthusiasts and local clubs throughout Canada. The RAC represents Canadian radio amateurs in policy decisions regarding international issues and regulation that affect amateur radio within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and at meetings and conferences of the International Amateur Radio Union.[2] The organization also acts as a consultatory body to municipal, provincial, and federal government bodies in matters concerning the Amateur Radio Service.[3][/size]Services[/size][edit][/size]The Radio Amateur of Canada offers programs and publications to "promote excellence, the state of the art, and the interests of amateur radio's many varied activities".[4] The RAC maintains a Field Organization for public service. Radio Amateurs of Canada also has a Youth Education Program to encourage use of amateur radio in schools across Canada, as a way to promote science and technology education. RAC offers technical and some financial assistance through this program.[/size]Emergency services[/size][edit]Canadian amateur radio operators also provide [/color]emergency communications through the Amateur Radio Emergency Serviceorganized in Canada by the Radio Amateurs of Canada.[5] The RAC has an understanding with The Canadian Red Cross Society to assist with communications in the event of an emergency or disaster.[6][/color]
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