Author Topic: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance,then baffle them with BS  (Read 1191 times)

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So as read the morning news, like always..I come across a statement in an article that makes me go hummm...I have been watching the economy for a while now..and every time government on eighter side of the border shots off the at the mouth about inflation..they rattle off it has stayed at an even know right on the mark that they want to hit and of course we all know that is pure BS.

The proof is in our hydro,gas and grocery bills...Our Canadian dollar is not going any further then the American dollar right now. We have known since 2008 that this has been a big lie, well now I find in this one article the truth...I am only going to quote the part that is pertinent to this thread.

Now I have stumbled on the greatest lie or this is a huge warning to all of us...inflation for the next two years will not even be close to 2%...So hold on to your top hat folks, get what you can while the getting is good.

Canada's Interest Rate Likely To Stay Low For Years To Come: Stephen Poloz

Poloz says it will likely take until early 2016 before the economy is firing on all cylinders and inflation is back to two per cent.But even when it does Canadians shouldn't expect a sudden increase in interest rates to fight inflation, he told a business group in Saskatoon on Thursday.

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