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Communications / Re: Antenna Pouch for Your Pack, How To Make
« Last post by Mountainman on October 29, 2016, 09:30:48 PM »

No chatter or questions, hmmm......

Well, I have now finished making the second light armoured pouch for HAM radio portable antennas.

Check out my Blog for pics and instructions to build your own, click on this link:

Looks like this:



I like the videos put out by The Kids of Five 56 Concepts Canada. I will leave a few links below:  - Tactical Competition  - Gov't & Law Abiding Firearms Owners - The Kids and Their Guns  - Shelter Building Part 2  - Type of Gear They Use  - Shooting Left Handed

Okay, that is a good start. I am sure if you like these videos you will like & share.


Thanks Henry,

You again are posting great advice. Yes, I believe it is safe to say all "chatter" by those who want to be prepared for natural disasters and man-made crises is being monitored. I would not expect any sort of privacy on the internet these days.

Next to personal firearms ownership, it would appear the next biggest agenda item for the united nations is to limit/control freedom of information/speech. These are challenging days indeed.

I hope I am wrong, but I have very bad feeling about the whole situation right now. It is not the direct nuclear attack, but CYBER ATTACK, OR MAN MADE EMP.
I have watched and lessened  many shows how the "GLOBAL ELITES" are preparing for it, because it is just a matter of time.
Also I am pretty sure that that the prepping talks are constantly monitor ,that is why I like to meet in person with some serious
preppers to discuss some things. Especially  purchasing some stuff.
Griz & Henry,

Thanks for the feedback.

I have not had cable TV since at least 2010. I no longer watch lame stream media or their news/propaganda. I have come across quite a few semi-independent sources on YouTube, but.......

Is it possible that the Global Elitists are soooo scared to lose power they will once again distract the entire population on this planet again for their own advancement by creating a world war?? I believe that is possible. And, as Henry has observed, the majority of the people have no clue they are about to be played. I think there is a reduction in  nationalism, so causing a nationalistic based war will not likely work on its own. We do know our community of emergency preparedness aware citizens do not seek a single world government and the chains of slavery that are likely attached to such a monolithic system. Most situationally aware citizens, the world over, just want to be left alone by all levels of government. Most people want the least amount of taxation that is necessary to operate a country effectively, but not over-taxation that suppresses the citizens from the freedom to enjoy life, by removing the citizen's personal source of financial resources.

I do not like those who use fear mongering to manipulate the masses, on the other hand I do not want to be caught with my pants down just as the crisis begins. These are the days for all in our community to ensure they are still working towards self-sufficiency and being as prepared as possible for all threats that may impact our individual or collective ways of life.

We live in interesting times.

Stay safe,

Gardening / HARVEST
« Last post by Henry on October 18, 2016, 08:11:38 PM »
So season is over and lot of stuff added to my prep. storage.
We replaced over hundred jars of canned wedges, soups, caned meats that we used in summer. We like to keep over 600 jars of home caned food. Got over 200 lbs of potatoes. Harvested around 200 lbs of honey. Filled freezer with about 20 lbs of chicken meat, 20 lbs of ducks meat an still have to kill at least 15 rabbits. It was good year for mushrooms , so we dried, caned and freeze
a lot. Now just to add some deer meat so we can make few lbs of good sausages.

I said in spring or summer we nave month not years and I still stand by it . I t goes down hill so fast it is impossible to stop it.
What we hear or see on TV is just the CRAP for people not to panic. When I talk to people on the street or my neighbors , they have no idea what is going on and they do not care as long as they have baseball or football.
They are the ones I am scared of.
I'm frankly really worried this time
The Russians have just sent part of the northern fleet to the Mediterranean the Brits going to escort them true the English Chanel
Some one going to fx$& up and pull the trigger and I'm sure it ain't going to be the russians
It is not just Russia. The tension is growing by day and all it takes just one spark.  Iran is firing at US war ships. Hillary is already threatening China with missiles. Even in USA the situation is  very fragile. Be ready.
Looks to me that it is going to go bad really soon Russia getting over 40 million people ready
China told its populous to get ready for war
We getting ready for a carbon taxe and the Americans well they getting ready for the new government so ya in a nutshell I think we in deep shit this time
World war 3 is already started just is not on our door step yet
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