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Title: how it was
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posted by old-as-dirt..
she just lost her sailor boy a cpl months ago
her memories are fair warning..
never say "it cant happern here"
"On the day of Pearl Harbor attack, I was fooling around with a bunch of kids in a swamp, We had a raft we pushed out and we were always looking for something to catch.

   I came into the house and dad and mom were listening to the radio, and President Roosevelt was giving his speech on "Day Of Infinity" My mom was so upset, Just sitting there staring at the radio. Dad said we are at war. We lived on Puget sound, Close To Bremerton and Seattle. Dad had been working for WPA for a long time. But the next day there was a call out for ship yard workers, He Got a job and would you believe it, He never stopped working one day till the end of the war. No days off. Three shipyards were up and running in just six weeks with a LSD, and other type of ships slipping into the water in a matter of a few weeks.
   Sad to say they also rounded up Japanese families on the Island and were gone in three days, One day at school the next day never to see again.
    I think everyone went over board , Panic or what ever. The schools had practice air raid drills, I was given a dog tag , so we could be shipped inland if needed.  I remember the air raid drills, Everyone into the halls, down on our knee's with faces towards the wall. The kids thought it was fun. Then if school was hit with incinderater [ sp] wrong.  bombs, we ran into the woods.  Each one of our homes were to have black out windows, Warden would come around to check if we had buckets of sand handy to put out fires. Mom had to sew up dark blinds.  All cars had to have headlights facing right to the ground, But actually you were not suppose to drive after dark.
      We were given food stamps, meat stamps, shoe stamps, gas stamps, The days of rationing was started all very fast. It was quite the times. I would sit on the bank looking out on Puget sound and watch  the ships going out in the evening, heading out to pearl harbor or worse.
    They put up Big balloons over the ship yards, Each day they were a different height . With long cables on them so planes could not come in low and shoot up the ship yards. 
    I could tell lots of stories about those times, Our victory gardens, cooking with out sugar, or other short supply items. One time mom found a can of pineapple at the grocery store, It would take some ration stamps to buy it. She had to have it, so gave up her canned food stamps. Oh that fruit was so good
  Also dad discovered I could get cigarettes off sailors , and he would sneak into my room and kinda shy  and ask  do you have any cigarettes. I did not smoke, but kept a pack for him.  I met my sailor boy, My husband of  68 years at a USO dance. Actually knew him for 70 years . He just died in July. Well maybe more later if anyone is interested."
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ration coupons
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I do not see this type of scenario, attempting to resurrect, in today's society.
no possible  way will anything remotely close, be do-able..
too much ME-ME-Me
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there would be (more) riots in the streets as the (we need) generation, declares their demands
can you imagine, any curtailing, of  ANY products or services to the .. 'me.. right n0w.'. 
dat would be racissss!!!
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Post by: JustABear on November 28, 2015, 07:54:49 PM
The current generations have been indoctrinated into questioning everything without purpose. It has become all about their 'rights' without any attached responsibility. It has become the responsibility of government to meet the people's needs and the people have nothing to do but accept and expect. Everyone deserves a 'standard of living', a wide screen TV, cell phone, housing that is comparable to those who work for it and on and on. Any deviation from this is racist, oppressive, discriminatory..... To me the fact that I have to support these leaches from birth (pay the bill for that) till death (and the funeral is on me too) !!! All that and all I get is crapped on because I am somehow seen to be 'advantaged' and 'mean spirited' because I would expect those who get to have to do just a little bit for it. Sadly that too is somehow oppressive and dehumanizing. I wonder why I am not one of those who is deemed oppressed and dehumanized when I have to get up every morning at 5am to go to work to pay for all their crap? Hmmmmm. I guess that is another discussion.