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Title: asylum seekers
Post by: zeker on September 29, 2015, 07:31:52 AM
does anybody really believe that these folks want to integrate and assimilate and add to the culture of the accepting nations?
Sixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp – as clashes with masked ex      <blockquote> (

Sixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp – as clashes with masked extremists rock towns over Berlin's open-door migrant policy

Sixty people were hurt when a mass riot broke out over food at a tented refugee camp in Germany.

Police used tear gas to break up brawling between around 400 refugees.

The riot at Calden near Kassel came on the the same day Germany's biggest police union called for a new 'apartheid' system to be enforced in refugee homes – the separation of people according to religion – after a number of flare ups in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Germany's domestic intelligence chief warned of a radicalisation of right-wing groups amid a record influx of migrants as xenophobic rallies and clashes shook several towns at the weekend.



Flashpoint: In the German city of Leipzig, the right-wing rally 'Offensive for Germany', organised by local anti-Islam activists with about 400 marchers, sparked a larger counter-protest that police said drew more than 1,000 left-wing activists (above) over Germany's plans to allow a record influx of migrants into the country



Conflict: In the ensuing street clashes, the rival groups hurled rocks and fireworks at each other



Tensions boiling over: Police detain a left-wing protester after clashes during the right-wing Offensive for Germany protest rally against refugees in Leipzig, eastern Germany over the weekend

Conservative politicians back the calls for separated refugee centres, claiming Christians in the homes are being harassed and persecuted by hardline Muslims.

The former minister of the interior Hans-Peter Friedrich said: 'It is sad, but obviously necessary that we require the separation of asylum seekers according to religion.'

The current chairman of the ruling CDU parliamentaty group, Volker Kauder, said: 'Muslim associations should clearly renounce attacks on Christians in the asylum homes.'
Late in August in Suhl, a dispute fuelled by religious differences flared up into a riot with 17 people eventually needing hospital treatment. It broke out after copies of the Koran were defaced.

In Sunday night's food riot, the police were also attacked as they tried to calm the situation and responded with tear gas. Most of those injured suffered the effects of the gas.

Germany's domestic intelligence agency also warned at the weekend that the far-right is becoming increasingly radicalised as a result of the country's decision to allow up to a million refugees in this year.



Germany's domestic intelligence chief warned of a radicalisation of right-wing groups (like the one above) amid a record influx of migrants as xenophobic rallies and clashes shook several towns at the weekend



Anger: German spy chief Hans-Georg Maassen warned that the far-right is becoming increasingly radicalised as a result of the country's decision to allow up to a million refugees in this year

'What we're seeing in connection with the refugee crisis is a mobilisation on the street of right-wing extremists, but also of some left-wing extremists who oppose them,' said Hans-Georg Maassen.

He added that for the past few years the agency - the Office for the Protection of the Constitution - had witnessed a 'radicalisation' and 'a greater willingness to use violence' by all extremist groups.

Police and soldiers guarded two buses carrying about 100 migrants Saturday night to a shelter in the town of Niederau, in the eastern Saxony state, after right-wing protesters had rallied at the site, a former supermarket, since Friday.



Police officers assess the scene after a mass riot broke out over food at a tented refugee camp in Germany

More than 1,000 people also demonstrated against refugees in several towns in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Friday, including in coastal Stralsund where three people were wounded in clashes with counter-protesters.

In the eastern city of Leipzig, the right-wing rally 'Offensive for Germany', organised by local anti-Islam activists with about 400 marchers, sparked a larger counter-protest that police said drew more than 1,000 activists.

In the ensuing street clashes, the rival groups hurled rocks and fireworks at each other.

In the western city of Bremen unidentified people attempted to set fire to a tent that was to house refugees from October.

This year alone has seen 22 arson attacks against would-be or existing refugee shelters, said Maassen, whose service is called the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: zeker on September 29, 2015, 07:46:15 AM
we have an iraqi family in town that the united church is sponsoring.

the  parents work at the local restaraunt.

a friend who works at the restaraunt says that the wife speaks a bit of english and the father, none at all.
thats to be expected if they are new arrivals.

they appear to be hard working and put in long hrs, altho thier standards of cleanliness are not up to cdn standards, that is to be expected also.

these folks do not seem to be welfare addicts even tho they probably have help in a few small ways.

and they are christians.
we are a small town of <1000 folks.
the anglican church is also sponsoring a family.

I havent seen/heard them yet, but I did get blasted on a local buy/sell site when I made a comment inquiring if they would be completely sponsored by the church or just be driven to the welfare office.
apparently it is racist to ask if your tax dollars will be involved when someone else decides to welcome new comers.
I feel that if groups wish to sponsor, that the group should house and care for the family until they are proficient in english to fit in and be gainfully employed.
when I sponsored my wife to come from USA it was MY reponsibilty to repay ANY social assistance she mite get within her first 5 yrs.
we never required nor applied for anything..
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: zeker on October 13, 2015, 05:29:08 AM
in one of the pix. somebody should tell that fella that the jockstrap is meant for wearing UNDER the clothes. and why the facecovering?
was reading yesterday about a small dutch village of 140, that is about to receive a load of migrants.
1400 migrants will be shipped to this small town.
does anybody in gov really belive this influx will have little or no, impact on this village?
the village doesnt have a store or police force.
what could go wrong.
the villagers had NO SAY in this decision to anhiliate their town.
apparently there is a bankrupt vacation camp/fascility and the gov made arrangements (paid handsomely) with the owner, to house these migrants.
there was also a german town of 300, that will recieve 3000 migrants.
things are getting to a head in the EU.
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: icrcc on October 13, 2015, 09:16:11 AM
What the politicians making these decisions did not even contemplate the reaction and long term effects on their societies. They are airheads  who will unfortunately never be held resonsibel  for their actions.
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: icrcc on October 13, 2015, 09:19:00 AM
I can understand the church sponsoring Christian refugees. That is their purpose. So why don't all those extremely rich, totally muslin countries, take in the muslim refugees. It says a lot.
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: JustABear on October 13, 2015, 12:24:26 PM
One of the GREAT misconceptions and propaganda exercises is that the 'leaders' speak for the people. More and more, there is a conscious disconnect from the social reality of the majority of the population. 'Leaders' have become so comfortable with their lies and agenda they feel no need to hide it any more under layers of cotton wool so the real people accept it or are at least blinded by spin. The 'great lie' is alive and well and people feel helpless and overwhelmed. To raise your voice against them you become labelled as racists, agitators, bigots etc; all because you want to maintain the values and beliefs you, your parents and generations before you adhered to and fought for. The values and beliefs that made YOUR country what it was. The qualities and expectations that the PEOPLE expect, NOT what the leaders are attempting to ingrain. The bottom line is that the more groups they create, the more divisions they generate, the more tribes they fabricate, the easier it is for them to apply and enforce their agenda. Small, self interested groups are impossible to rally into a cohesive force to counter assaults on what THEY believe to be in their best interests and way of life. The Balkanization of Canada and many other countries is well along the way. I believe this is one thing Harper is fighting against. He is attempting to hold the line on the sell out of Canadian culture. It can be and is labelled as scare tactics and division by the Left, but the reality is that the Liberals AND NDP BOTH will reinforce this agenda and continue to weaken Canadian values and culture on the alter of political correctness and multiculturalism.

Just my 2 cents
Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: JustABear on October 13, 2015, 12:45:40 PM
An excellent article by the Globe and Mail published today.

Reality is finally beginning to rear it’s head.

I guess Germany has run out of unicorns and rainbows.

Perhaps THIS is why Harper has continued to dig his heels in. Perhaps he sees things as they are, NOT with Leftist ideals and bullshit.

Just my 2 cents gentlemen.

Title: Re: asylum seekers
Post by: Greenguy on October 13, 2015, 01:44:14 PM
"We're facing a challenge that will occupy us for generations"

That's probably the understatement of the century. 
Title: village of 100 to recieve 1000
Post by: zeker on October 14, 2015, 03:57:20 PM
Villagers in a tiny, rural area of Lower Saxony in Germany, are demanding answers after it transpired that their village with a population of just a few hundred will be forced to accept one thousand migrants due to Angela Merkel’s decision to throw open her country’s borders.
The main questions they ask are: why here, why us, and why now? The village is on a minor road lined with traditional half-timbered bungalows, vegetable gardens and farms with almost no infrastructure or local shops for daily needs. There are empty office buildings where the refugees are to be accommodated but aside from pasture and apple orchards, that’s about it.

A packed public meeting was held last night in Sumte to discuss local concerns over the migrant influx and Spiegel Online reports ( that it didn’t go well.

The town hall was the venue. It began with the mayor and local officials expressing utter surprise that anyone could possibly be worried by so many newcomers. “I did not expect so many interested residents,” the mayor began as an official from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior looked on. Uproar followed.

More questions came from the floor. Locals wanted to know how sewage and waste disposal would be regulated and whether a shuttle service for the refugees would be provided so that they could go shopping.

“How do we protect ourselves against crime?”was another question. A woman asked “if medical care is guaranteed  for the protection of all of us”. From a corner of the hall somebody pointed out that there were mainly single, young men arriving on the town’s doorstep and would it be safe to leave the house after dark. Oh yes, the mayor assured them, “the street lights will remain on all night”.

Some 450,000 migrants have arrived in Germany already this year. The country is expecting at least 1.5 million in 2015, by far the most across the 28-nation European Union. What is happening in Sumte is symptomatic of events ( all over Germany as Angela Merkel’s policy-on-the-run meets the people who will have to live with the consequences.

In Lower Saxony, the pressure to find accommodation is strong, the Interior Ministry explained to the meeting. Last year, almost 19,000 asylum applications were received, in 2015 there were already more than 75,000. Homes had to be found and the tenor of the meeting was that anyone who opposed that flow was xenophobic.

“Thousand are just too many”, resident Dirk Hammer told the meeting. His family has lived for 400 years in the village. He wants as many as a “reasonable solution” would allow to “minimize disruption” but ultimately the feelings expressed were that residents were not consulted and now they were being forced to accommodated over 1,000 people in a village that has never been home to more than 100.
 not sure why its says the 'village of a few hundred'.. and then says the 'village of 100'
Title: very sad vid of the schools in germany
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if the german kids tried to fight back they would be swarmed and after they wake up(maybe) in the hosp, they would be charged and suspended.
Title: ro assylum acivat abbed by.. assylum seeker
Post by: zeker on October 16, 2015, 05:14:38 PM (
Title: pro assylum activist stabbed by assylum seeker
Post by: zeker on October 17, 2015, 08:06:51 AM
it seems my comp decided to leave out a few letters in the above title.
Title: someone called us hosers
Post by: zeker on October 27, 2015, 06:33:30 PM
An Army of Young Muslim Males Marches Through Tiny Slovenia on Their Way to Germany!


( reported on October 20, 2015:

Go Here for Video: (

The Muslim invasion of Europe continues after Germany threw open its arms and welcomed in whatever “Syrian refugees” could illegally make their way up there.

Here’s a video from the tiny country of Slovenia, where the migrants are being pushed through after Hungary closed its borders:

Putzfeed has some pictures from the march, showing what the United Nations has already confirmed – they’re mostly male with very few women and very few children:

More from Reuters:

Between 1,500 and 2,500 migrants will spend Tuesday night at the Berkasovo-Bapska border crossing between Serbia and Croatia, some of them sleeping on the ground covered with blankets, the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said.

Slovenia meanwhile is to ask the European Union to send additional police forces to its border with Croatia to help it deal with thousands of migrants streaming into the tiny country on their way to Austria and beyond.

Attempts by Slovenia to stem the flow of migrants since Hungary sealed its border with Croatia on Friday have triggered a knock-on effect through the Balkans, with thousands held up at border crossings.

About 19,500 migrants have entered Slovenia since Friday, the Interior Ministry said, creating bottlenecks as migrants attempted to find new routes through the region.

Slovenian authorities said some 6,000 migrants will stay in Slovenia but all of them will be sheltered in refugee camps.

At least 12,100 migrants were currently in Serbia, the prime minister said on Tuesday.

About 6,000 migrants had entered Austria from Slovenia on Tuesday, a police spokesman in Styria province said. About 3,000 had arrived on Monday.

“We need fast assistance of the European Union,” Slovenian President Borut Pahor told a news conference in Brussels after meeting European Council President Donald Tusk and EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker.

“Slovenia will formally ask for additional police forces to guard the border between Slovenia and Croatia and for financial help,” he said.

In the last two days, the former Yugoslav republic has deployed 140 soldiers to the border to assist the police, Interior Secretary of State Bostjan Sefic told reporters.

And don’t forget – because those hosers in Canada voted for some pot-smoking liberal to be their Prime Minister, we’re gonna have 25,000 Syrian refugees literally airlifted to our northern border within the next two months!! (
Title: 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped
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those who believe the moderates are harmless and in the majority, read on

Islamic Invasion Of Sweden Has Led To Rape Crisis

Video: (

Published on Dec 7, 2014

The official radio report quoted from BRÅ (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) refuses to mention the M-word in the socialist-suffocated Sweden, a country held hostage by the extreme left. But when you contact senior police and government sources they confirm (anonymous in fear of losing their jobs) that these numbers represent Muslims. And a majority of these rapes and sexual assaults are caused by Malmström’s new arrivals, the asylum seekers.

And these numbers are only the tip of the ice berg. According to the authorities, Sweden’s real rape statistics are 400-900% higher than official numbers. The BRÅ website states:

“As few as 10-20 percent of all sexual offences are reported to the police. The Swedish Crime Survey (Nationella trygghetsundersökningen, NTU) provides a better picture of the extent of criminality, with data on both victims as well as perpetrators — which is lacking in the criminal statistics. Of those who are suspected for sexual offences, the majority are men and only about two percent are women. A majority of the victims are women. In a third of reported rapes, the victim is younger than 15.”

In spite of these horrid numbers and Sweden’s rapid increase in rape statistics, EU Commissions nutter and Swede Cecilia Malmström wants even more Muslims to arrive to her country, and to have access to the rest of Europe

Cecilia Malmström is the European Commissioner for Home Affairs. She used to be a politician for the Liberal Party in Sweden, but moved on to the EU level when she was elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and was later elevated further to serve on the European Commission.

Part of Ms. Malmström’s job is to oversee immigration policy for the European Union. Like most functionaries in the upper reaches of the EU bureaucracy, she favors the cultural enrichment of Europe through mass Third-World immigration. She and other unelected Eurocrats in Brussels decide how much and what kind of immigration is best for the EU, and then impose their diktats on the member states.

Read Geert Wilder’s letter to this truly insane libtard uber-socialist Cecilia Malmström who clearly doesn’t care at all of the safety of women and children in her own country. It’s free game for Muslim men to assault women in Sweden and punishments are lenient. In fact, instead of punishing them as they should, Malmström brings in more rapists in the thousands each year.

Before venturing to the libtard headquarters of Brussels Cecilia Malmström was a left-wing liberal in Sweden. Incidentally the left-wingers have always been the terrorists of Europe before Islam began terrorising everyone. Left-wingers were regularly investigated by security services pre 1990 for violence and inciting violence and stirring up problems that undermined peace and order for others. No wonder they fit so well with Muslims.

Sexual assault: A previous article showed a chart on sexual crimes from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ), a government body for crime statistics. Watch the increase of rapes in Sweden after the country became more lenient on ME immigrants, asylum seekers and third world (mainly Muslim) immigrants. The overwhelming chunk of immigrants to Sweden are Muslims who also use about 80% of the entire welfare budget in region to region. The fact that numbers are increasing year after year without control shows that Sweden does not care about its crime victims and does not punish perpetrators sufficiently.

Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim.

Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both.