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Title: ny to do first bio drill
Post by: zeker on August 02, 2014, 05:57:41 AM
The Department of Health will be conducting the largest surprise emergency drill in New York City history on Friday to test the delivery of medications in the event of a biological attack.

More than 1,500 health department employees from more than a dozen agencies will be setting up 30 locations to be temporarily used to administer life-saving medication in the event of a biological outbreak.

The drill will be carried out across the city from 10am and 11am (


but here's the kicker:

Anthrax drill held up because faux antibiotics got held up in traffic! If it were real, police escort for meds to 30+ distribution sites. (
we all know how drills go.. what could go wrong?
Title: Re: ny to do first bio drill
Post by: zeker on August 02, 2014, 06:01:26 AM
The biological agent the various agencies will be preparing for is anthrax. According to the Daily News, "Preparing for the possibility of a biological attack, the workers — aware they’re participating in a drill — will respond to calls starting at 5:30 a.m. and scramble to set up 30 sites around the five boroughs, handing out drugs to combat the deadly agent...Fake doses of antibiotics cipro and doxycycline will be rushed in under NYPD escort from warehouses at secret locations in the region. Officials will set up distribution points at 30 different spots, mostly public school buildings, staffed by multi-lingual workers who will urge visitors to pick up free medications for themselves and at least five other people."

It's called a RAMPEx Exercise; the Health Department explains (PDF), "RAMPEx stands for Rapid Activation for Mass Prophylaxis Exercise. It is a large-scale exercise organized by the New York City Health Department, with support from other City agencies, to prepare for emergencies." Also, keep in mind: "There is no emergency now." (