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Economic Collapse in Europe
« on: June 17, 2013, 02:17:03 PM »
Many people are worried about financial collapse and see this as one of the most likely reason TSHTF. It is not just North Americans that feel this way many in Europe do. Those in Greece are living it. This is not a new article but it is relevant and well worth the read:

Now this is a somewhat long winded attempt to convince you to by their product using scare tacticsbut it should not be dismissed.  The majority of the data presented is accurate. Take a look at their graphs and commit them to memory. The unwanted and particularly scary outcomes from the failed monetary policies of the past are based on historical precedent. Their predictions are accurate. It won’t happen tomorrow, this year or perhaps even in 5 years but it will happen. It may not be a sudden catastrophic collapse, it may be a slow agonising decline but it will happen.

Of course it will not be “The End of Britain” as the headline says but it may well be the end of Britain as we know it (TEOBAWKI). Just as Greece today exists and continues it is not the Greece of five years ago. Although many would argue the point, Greece was/is in the “enviable” position of being able to have its economy bailed out. Massive economies like Britain and the USA are not.

So we all go down the rabbit hole together incapable of even putting on the brakes let alone reversing direction. I doubt that there is a country in the world where the populous would democratically elect a government that would take the necessary steps to stop running a deficit, stop borrowing and pay off the debt. The social cost would be far too high. No one would vote for such a policy so we carry seemingly oblivious to the issue and hope that the bubble does not burst in our immediate future and that if it does the effects on us will be minimal.

No one can predict when this will happen or how it will play out but it would be prudent for us as preppers to take some time and contemplate what might follow.
It may never happen. Best to be prepared just in case.