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Title: free jihadi book
Post by: zeker on December 01, 2015, 06:56:06 PM
Banned by Lawfare Jihad, A Book You MUST Read: Alms for Jihad
Alms for Jihad contains the most detailed, exhaustive investigation into the role that Islamic charities and NGOs have played in financing and supporting violent Jihad and terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

Not surprisingly, when the book was published it was not received well in Islamic circles, Saudi Arabia in particular. Wealthy Saudis, with the support of the Saudi regime and other organizations, launched a massive “lawfare” campaign against the book.

Tragically, the threat of expensive law suits backed by virtually limitless oil wealth terrified the publishers and not only was the book withdrawn, but Cambridge Press shamelessly destroyed existing copies and took the extraordinary measure of asking book stores and libraries to return their copies of the book.

As a result, today it is extremely difficult to obtain a copy of this indispensable work. Recently, a digitized copy surfaced online and we link it here and recommend it without qualification or hesitation.

Please download this book and spread this link far and wide to as many friends and colleagues as you can before it disappears (
Title: Re: free jihadi book
Post by: tellab on December 02, 2015, 05:01:08 PM
Dang it.  355 pages. This is not a 1/2 hour read. Still I will try and skim through it and when I have more time take a closer look.
Title: Re: free jihadi book
Post by: zeker on December 02, 2015, 05:25:43 PM
I have not read it yet..
I read so many books.
I hated literature in school.
geography and history and science were ok.. but literature.. not so much.
I just posted this because it probably would soon be 'unavailable'
d/l it if you can.