Author Topic: BC Wildfire Approaches Alberta, Prompts Evac  (Read 864 times)

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BC Wildfire Approaches Alberta, Prompts Evac
« on: July 15, 2014, 10:16:46 PM »
Here is a current events story.....

B.C. fire approaches Alberta border, prompts evacuation order

B.C. Wildfire Management Branch height=242
B.C. Wildfire Management BranchThe Red Deer Creek fire in British Columbia is within ten kilometers of the Alberta border, prompting the Municipal District of Greenview to issue an evacuation order.
The order applies to a remote part of northwestern Alberta south of the Wapiti River, west of Nose Creek and the Two Lakes Road and north of Township 61.
People in those areas are ordered to leave immediately, close but not lock doors and gates and take all personal items.
Municipal officials say the fire is likely to affect worker accommodations and industrial facilities in the area. The M.D. is working with Alberta officials in coordinating emergency response. 
The district has also declared a local state of emergency.
So far, about six people have had to leave the evacuation area, said Diane Carter, communications officer for the M.D. of Greenview. 
“There’s a small settlement there called the Nose Creek Settlement and there are about 12 residences and there are a number of weekend and summer properties that could be affected," she said.   
The settlement is approximately 50 kilometres from the B.C.- Alberta border. 
Municipal officials are also contacting others who could be affected by the evacuation order. 
"We had put the area on notice that a potential evacuation could be called as the fire was moving closer to the Alberta border so there have been a few days' notice," Carter said. 
Arrangements will be made for anyone who needs temporary housing.